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Day trip to Kakheti for tasting the best wines

One day excursion to Kakheti from Tbilisi

Signagi, City of Love

Bodbe Monastery – Signagi – Nekresi – Gremi – Telavi

Early in the morning we will leave for Kakheti – the birthplace of wine. Day trip to Kakheti will take a whole day.

Arrival at the Bodbe Monastery (100 km. from Tbilisi), where rests the relics of the enlightener of Georgia – St. Nino, who died there in 347. The monastery was founded in the IV century, and later transformed into a convent. Here is the copy of miraculous icon of Our Lady of Iveron (that was written in 1905 on Mount Athos) and the spring of St. Nino, where at any time of the year you can swim for the purpose of healing.

Signagi – the “City of Love”

Arrival in Signagi – the “City of Love”, located on the terraces, connecting winding steep streets. The city is impressive with its magnificent history. It is surrounded by a double fortified wall with 28 towers. Climbing on any of them, it will seem to you that you touch the sky with your hand… In the city there is a Wedding Palace, which works 24 hours.

From Signagi we will go to the wine cellar, where you will have a master class in making Churchkhela (a traditional Georgian cuisine candle-shaped candy), Kakhetian Shoti (bread) and khinkali.

Dinner you will have at the wine cellar with traditional cuisine and Kakhetian wine.

Nekresi monastery
Nekresi monastery

The Nekresi monastery complex is a unique place for several reasons – it was from here that Christianity began to spread throughout Georgia; in Nekresi is the country’s oldest church; from the top of the mountain, on which the monastery stands, offers stunning views of the Alazani Valley.


Gremi – an architectural monument of the 16th century, a royal fortress in the historical region of Kakheti. A fortress with a church of the Archangels is all that remains of the once prosperous city of Gremi. The architectural complex is located east of the modern village of the same name in the area of the city of Kvareli. The city of Gremi was the capital of the Kakheti kingdom in the XVI-XVII centuries.


Telavi – the capital of the region of Kakheti. Telavi has been known since the 1st century, was an important trading center on the caravan route from the Middle East to Europe. In the XI and from the XVII to XVIII centuries it was the capital of the Kakheti kingdom.

The Castle of Batonis Tsikhe is still preserved in the center of Telavi. “Batonis Tsikhe” is translated as “Castle of the Lord“. In the XVII-XVIII centuries this castle was the residence of the Kakhetian kings. The castle complex includes the castle fence, the royal palace, two court churches, a bathhouse and a tunnel. The fence of the castle of Batonis-tsikhe is a 5 meter high battlement with towers erected from limestone and performed a defensive function.

Nearby there is a giant 900 year old Plane Tree as a visit card of Telavi and attracts every tourist.

In the evening we will return to Tbilisi.

Duration of the tour: 11-12 hours.

The price will include:
Professional guide services;
Transport service.

A one-day excursion to Kakheti from Tbilisi is an unforgettable experience, excellent mood and a sea of positive emotions.

Kakheti is a region and historical province in the east of Georgia, in the upper reaches of the Iori and Alazani rivers. Kakheti is a wine-growing region, the birthplace of wine. Here is the Alazani Valley and dozens of wineries. Alazani Valley is an intermountain valley along the southern foot of the Greater Caucasus along the Alazani River. The Alazani Valley is 225 km long, 20 to 40 km wide, and 200-450 m above sea level). Alazani Valley is one of the main regions of viticulture in Georgia. In September, Rtveli (grape harvest) takes place in Kakheti.

Alaverdi Monastery, day trip to Kakheti
Alaverdi Monastery, XI c., at a height of over 55 m (180 ft)

Kakheti is a world of ancient temples and monasteries, picturesque rivers and valleys. Kakheti has many natural and cultural attractions. The most interesting of them are Gremi fortress, Alaverdi Cathedral, Ikalto, Nekresi, Old and New Shuamta monasteries, Bodbe monastery complex, Signagi – “City of Love”, Lagodekhi national park with waterfalls, Tusheti (mountainous region), David Gareja monastery (cave monastery complex), Tsinandali, the oldest city of Telavi, located in the heart of Kakheti.

Excursion to Kakheti and wine tasting at the winery

Kakheti and wine are inseparable – these words are almost synonymous when you go on a trip to this region of Georgia. A mandatory point of our tour will be a visit to the winery, where you can get acquainted with the production of the famous Kakheti wine. During the inspection of the winery, you will be offered to try 5 varieties of wine. Wines can be purchased at factory prices.

Day trip to Kakheti from Tbilisi with our guide will give you a whole range of positive emotions and sweet memories.