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Gergeti Trinity Church, Tours in GeorgiaOur sightseeing tours in Georgia provide an opportunity to feel the country, its culture, all the tastes of Georgian cuisine and the colors of amazing nature, to plunge into many of the wonders of Georgia, making a trip to this wonderful country. Guided tours of Georgia will lead you to the winding streets of Tbilisi, the high mountains of Kazbegi and the serene banks of Batumi. But the best tours will make you feel like a local, introducing you to the famous Georgian cuisine, culture and history. Immerse yourself in the history by trips from Kutaisi or try the best wines of Kakheti – Georgia offers endless options for the most courageous travelers.

Our guided tours of Georgia are conducted by local experts, professional guides. Their knowledge of the geography, culture and history of Georgia is excellent. A good tour of Georgia also includes close relationships with local residents, so our guides can take you to boutique wineries or restaurants, places that you would not have found without their experience and knowledge. Needless to say, our tours of Georgia are conducted by people who are fluent in Russian, English, French or another language.

Wine CellarOur wine tours in Georgia are the result of an excellent selection of our team of wine experts. You will meet Georgian winemakers, whether they are owners of small wine cellars in small villages and vineyards or larger producers such as KTW and you will taste their world-famous wines. Our wine tours in Kakheti will tell you about grape varieties, soil, climate, technology and traditions in the development of the best Kakhetian wines.

We are always happy to make sightseeing tours in Georgia individually for each group, taking into consideration the interests and desires of tourists.

Our selection of hotels is made so that your tour in Georgia, regardless of your budget, be the best.

Once a tour of Georgia is purchased from us, you have nothing to worry about. Hotel accommodation, transfers, wine tasting, professional guide services, entrance fees – all this is taken into account. As an official, registered Georgian travel company, we are responsible for the services we sell, which means that your tour in Georgia will be guaranteed to take place in the best conditions.